Thursday, January 29, 2009


Rules to a game are easily accepted and determinedly enforced. Or not. Certainly they are not law. Even with laws we allow ourselves at least two miles an hour over the limit. The beauty of gray.

Frost that melts away.

What if rules, commands from God, are the way He knows me, the way recognize His son in me. Not legalism, not in the sucess of my endeavors, but in my loving God enough to attempt to do what is right.

What is getting away with something, really?


Craig and Bethany said...

I suppose getting away without something. Maybe in taking his name as our own we are also taking his vocation, his identity as our own. Obedience.

Pig Woman said...

I tend to see the rules as God's love notes to us-- the path to getting the best results, the best bang for our buck. And I see each sin or breaking of the rules as having an innate judgement attached to it--the dreaded consequenses I continually warn my kids about. I tend to think that when I fudge on the rules, I lose something along the way that God wanted me to have. But I have always been pretty confident that fudging didn't affect His relationship towards me, only my relationship towards Him due to condemnation and all. At least until now. . . :( Ok Seesta, you asked for it. There is no stoppin me now.

Goat said...

Heh heh heh--that was what I was hoping for. Your assessment above is spot-on.

Craig and Bethany said...

Okay, totally love Pig Woman! GREAT insight. Actually just the little nugget I needed today. Thanks! Oh, and low pressure on the comments, just nice to see your face. :)