Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Rock Called the Universe

A Rock Called the Universe

I have a rock
I call the universe,
palm sized and somewhat flat.

Here, press it
between your hands.
Warm the universe.

What is it about smooth
that makes you think soft?
Brush the expanse around your lips,

where most the nerves are.
The universe is nothing at all
like flesh. Lick the rock,

the universe smells like rain,
like a storm rising
between two hands.


Craig and Bethany said...

Like a child of the mother a little girl tenderly holds her doll, so then a masterpiece of the creator gently holds her universe.

Pig Woman said...

Man, I just love the way you two play off of each other. Would that be a beach rock? You got another just like it for your Seesta?