Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Uh-Oh. April is National Poetry Month.

You have an assignment...

Don’t run! It’s only a haiku—the 17 syllable English form of a kind of Japanese poem. But the parameters are simple. NO, it doesn’t have to have all that HDM (hidden deep meaning). More like small observations. In a nutshell:

3 lines of syllables (5,7,5)
A mention of nature. And a seasonal reference.
A caesura or natural pause in the poem—frequently at the end of the second line.
Has strong sensory images (nouns and verbs –not so many adjectives, prepositions etc).
Happens in the present
No titles.
No punctuation necessary. These are not necessarily sentences-they are phrases.
They are not proverbs masquerading as poems—the images do the talking (i.e. show don’t tell)

Begin with an observation—see if you can avoid the predictable.

One a day for the whole month. JUST TRY IT! Like anything, some will be winners and some will be there simply because. Put them in my “thoughts?”

Even in giving
Make a place for emptiness
The gift of a bowl


scottnicks said...

i'm in and up and running....

Chazzz said...

Well, I'm not sure I'll make it for the whole month, but here's a starter:

Winter stays the day
when flakes dance writhing downward
where are you oh spring

EP Hemingweigh said...
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Craig and Bethany said...

son called 'em brownies
sister burgeoned glee au jus
for fire roasted chop

Pig Woman said...

Insatiable tongues
Licking the earth's foundation
Rabid foam remains

Do you get it? Do you get it?

Craig and Bethany said...

LOVE it!

Goat said...

Why mah seesta is a poet afterall. Even went for the HDM---daring and bold! Hell of a good poem.

Pig Woman said...

Oh Man! You didn't get it. No HDM. I was talking about waves, Seesta, waves.

The Wilson's said...

I got the waves. ;o)

Thinking about my haiku...

Goat said...

Piggy Woman--Dante-esque, that's what I'd call your poem. Hmmmm tongues of fire, and ocean of inferno, power from below, able to quench but unquenched...

Pig Woman said...

Hahahah See, I don't even get my own poem.

EP Hemingweigh said...

April 1never done hikus before but love poetry

who likes this halo
winter spring summer or fall
i like 3 best of all
April 1, 2009 8:57 PM