Monday, April 6, 2009

Fig Monday

Monday of Holy Week--some have called it Fig Monday because it is the day Jesus cursed a fig tree. Jesus was hungry.The tree had no fruit. Jesus cursed it. The tree died in short order.

The story is somewhat perplexing because Jesus' curse seems like a random act of anger--come on, it was not the season for figs.

Turns out that the fig tree has two "fruits" that may be eaten. It was not the season for actual figs, but it was the time of year that one might find the precusor of the fruit, which is also eaten.

So facts are facts. The tree had no precursors. So He cursed it. Kind of puts a point on living a fruitful life doesn't it.....(?!)

Align Center

Leave no waste as fruit
Justice mingles with hunger
Shadows cross cursings



Craig and Bethany said...

swish me bigger, up
up so high, azure fulcrum
steel my wayward swing

Craig and Bethany said...

Oh, and fruit? Can't control what you produce - all reproduce after like kind. I guess then the mystery is how to become the very fruit you want to produce. A conundrum.

Goat said...

I suppose, like the love poem, that striving after love is not the point. As soon as it becomes about seeking love, you are not loving. The point is being a tree where fruit naturally apppears.

Tattoo Girl said...

Dark shadows trailing
Nips at ankles, trips each step
Demands “Look at me.”


Craig and Bethany said...

Tattoo Girl, love it! MORE, more, more!

Goat said...

YAY! she did it! Tattoo Girl--awesome1

Pig Woman said...

Have you ever noticed that Jesus "answered" that fig tree? You don't usually answer unless someone (or something?) speaks first. hmmmmm. And you don't usually answer something that can't hear. hmmmm. I don't have this one quite figgered out yet.

Chazzz said...

This is a day late, but I was working last night and totally forgot to post something:

roadside fig disappointed
may I bear much fruit