Friday, April 3, 2009

Finding Love

Horizon sky tide
Thin line where your lips meet slight
Curl swallows me whole


scottnicks said...

awesome. how a smile can possess great power and can affect the firm resolute beach. feel the love tsunami...

Chazzz said...

wow. I remember a smile like that...

clouds play masquerade
as the breeze sets them aloft
shape shifters aloof

Pig Woman said...

Oh, man! I thought we were talking waves again.

Hey! Good one Chazzz!

EP Hemingweigh said...
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Craig and Bethany said...

Half an hour anger
Garlic's burn seasons skin and
Tissue's heavy cream

Goat said...

EP--Instructions for the Haiku are on my April 1 blogentry. No set theme for the day. It is surprising how just observing things around you will speak volumes about relationships and emotions.

Check out for another haiku-er. He gives more explanation, which you may enjoy.

EP Hemingweigh said...

April 3are these suppose to
be all on the theme of the
day or whad
that makes this harder i think if that is what i am suppose to do
where are the instructions
April 3, 2009 9:07 PM