Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Good Man Dies


Death curls on the sand
Lift of vast wingspan unstirred
Still rises the tide


A good good man I know has died. Husband. Father. Teacher. A humble Christian man. If he had lived in the US he would yet be alive. But his home was Kenya. We have been working to bring clean water and a medical clinic to them. Just not soon enough.

Lord, your saving grace is a severe mercy. And your timing indecorous. Sorrow swells wide as the sea between us.

Still I will praise You.



Craig and Bethany said...

Oh my. Who?

Sadness and mercy.

Goat said...

Willis Orondo. We met Grace and Willis and their two young sons,Daniel & Emanuel when we visited the Infant Orphanage in Homa Bay. Grace has been our girl on the ground for anything Spring of Hope needs. Grace and Willis are the kind of Christians we all ascribe to be--full of integrity, full of love. Willis, a biology teacher at the H.S., has been troubled with malaria and consequential lung problems. Willis' death could have hard hard consequences for Grace and her boys. Anyone who wants to help:

Craig and Bethany said...

Thanks. Jesus, be their all.