Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh God


Shaking petals loose
Little wind off the water
Oh God there you are



EP Hemingweigh said...
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Pig Woman said...

Hey EP, this is Goat's seesta. I am not the poet in the family, but I can give you life's rule on anything creative. Anything goes that suits your fancy. That's the fun thing about being creative. If it pleases you that is a good enough reason to do it. There aren't rules with creative. That's what makes it creative. Of course if you change the number of syllables then you will have to call it something other than a haiku, but a series of related hiakus sounds great to me.

I think the most important part of anything creative is whether or not it speaks to you. If it speaks to you its a winner, and it will usually speak to some others. But a lot of these haikus you can only guess at what they really mean and the guesses can be really off--like my wave haiku that Goat said was a great haiku about hell (but didn't think it was a great wave haiku when I told her that's what it was about). Haha Ain't life delightful.

Just trying to be helpful while you play the catch up game as you nurse your Pookie back to health, Goat.

scottnicks said...


Madame Pig is right on the money. It is what you make it. I have used haikus to tell stories all the time. I like to capture that moment or instance of change. I would encourage you to focus on describing that moment in one haiku and then move to the next with another. That is what my Robin 1 and Robin 2 haikus try to do. So that is to say as well that you could use them as stanzas.
I think that the line structure and syllable count is a non-issue. It has to be that way for it to be a haiku. I have read some "modern" haikus which only have three syllables in a line and one in another. That is cheating. That is like saying you are pop star because you watch American Idol. It's a weak association on all levels. It frosts my cookies to say the least.
I think the imagery relating to Nature is a very high value that should be reinforced, but it is not a super critical thing. Some may disagree, but I don't think it is a deal breaker. I think it takes the haiku from a collection of words to a richer image. It's the one thing that I have been pursuing more. It might be easier than you think. Think about anthropomorphism (giving animals or objects human qualities) as a tool to bring nature in. You can make a lot of associations with what you are trying to say with things that you can see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel in the world around you.
Keep exploring. You have come leaps and bounds from the beginning of the month when this little project started. Keep writing to satisfy the thirst within you, rather than trying to please everyone else. We will taste as we watch your journey. Some of us will get it. Some of us won't. But if it satisfies you, so be it.

EP Hemingweigh said...

EP Hemingweigh said... i never got anyone to answer me to know if it is ok for a haiku to be part of telling a story and i never got anyone to give the rite word that would fit in to fill in the blank maybe the original verson would help

everyone thinks i
always dont know who i am
remember that day


huddled masses guess
obscured self indifference
cognitive sunlight

does this translate to anyone else but me
April 28, 2009 7:19 PM