Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tongue in Heart

We hide from the Storm
Under a sky broken with
Syllables of love

Today I am thinking about words. How they spill pill out from the spring of the heart--Peter says to Jesus, after Jesus tells the disciples they will all , all , fall away--I shall not, though all the others do, I shall not.

As foretold he denys Jesus three times.

And Peter's tongue reveals Peter's heart.

Peter's heart was pure--he wanted to be found faithful. His flesh was weak and eventually angry and maybe even frightened, and he didn't even have a chance to contain the deluge of frothy words of denial.

Words. They make a person look two-faced, don't they? So easy to be judgemental.

The heart is more complex than I thought.

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, oh Lord my Rock and my Redeemer.


Kathy said...

crowning thorns adore
holocaust of holy blood
ransomed! anguish cry

scottnicks said...

how careless we are
with seeds sown more powerful
than a thousand suns

boom. chalk me up for two today. this one was 30 seconds in the making. can i take tomorrow off?

Chazzz said...

friend bolts flails inflicts
harm awry misguided blade
lightning in clear sky

more description at chazzz.com. (BTW, earlier this evening, I posted my entry (here) for yesterday -- lest you think I missed a day) :-)

nicely done, kathy and scott!

Goat said...

Kathy and Scott--stars on your foreheads! Chazzzzz too--word-meisters all. Sorry Scott--being an over achiever only makes you an over achiever with stars. Tomorrow would be bereft of power without your portion of haiku. Please, think of it the way you think of graffiti--clandestine. I look forward to seeing how you do that :)

Goat said...

Hey Bat-man. Nice haiku on syniad style.

Tattoo Girl said...

Crouched on cool concrete
Back’s shadow-lines blue and orange.
A stillness pose.


Kathy said...

sinew muscle hangs
demonic laughter spewing
death darkness hovers


When you gave us this assignment to write a haiku each day in rememberance of Holy Week, I happily began. Learning a new poetry form was great fun. I soon found myself wrestling with words and visions about my Savior's last week on earth.

I just wanted to tell you that what started out as great fun for me has ended in a great, heartfelt awareness of what my Jesus did for me...for all of us, this Holy, holy week.
Thank you.

Craig and Bethany said...

Cerise purge of night
Musculus flesh ribboned to spool
Tendons ashen white

Keep 'em coming guys. Thanks for sharing the communion cup.