Monday, April 13, 2009

Beauty and Resurrection

What can follow Resurrection? What can compare? Perhaps that is why we find nature so beautiful--the endless cycle of death and resurrection.

A pouch of seeds we
Plant with mirth........a promise dropped
In a warm pocket


Chazzz said...
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Chazzz said...

Writer's Blockthe wind said to me
"you have no haiku today
words vanish with me"

With the conclusion of Holy Week, I decided to switch back to less strictly-themed haiku. But, as you can read, I don't have one for today. :-)

Tattoo Girl said...

Pine-skirted marshes
Rangy green and purple weeds
A reparation.


Craig and Bethany said...

And THREE green sprouts in the dead leaves. YES!

EP Hemingweigh said...

following no one
lead by someone in the depths
where will thy will end
April 13, 2009 10:13PM