Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rock Piles

Used to be that when someone heard from God, they made a memorial. Frequently they were rocks piled one on another. These monuments were unmistakably man-made. But the proper question for the sojourner who happened upon them was—what has God done here?

This is my rock memorial to God for reminding me that my first move should be kindness. You see, I did an unkind thing, thinking it would be funny. Turns out that being unkind is just being unkind.

Please forgive me, Craig.

PS This doesn’t mean that I am giving up on plotting good jokes, oh no, by no means….


So much of humor is unkind. What is humor?


EP Hemingweigh said...

no knead to apoligize

sometimes when I am funny no one gets it to probably just cause we are smrter than most peaple

i like your blog

Goat said...


Craig and Bethany said...

Alright everyone. I was super hoping EP might write us another haiku with his newly sharped poetree skills...?

Also, hats of to fooling us. You gals are TOTALLY hard to read!

EP Hemingweigh said...

i couldnt say it beter myself

When I see all the things you do
I can tell your love for me is true.
I thank God he gave me you.
I love you through and through.
By Carolyn Warvel

Goat said...

Why thank you EP!
Being a mom is not only the main event, it is the thing I love most.
Besides God and Dana.