Monday, June 15, 2009


We take flying for granted. A magical act suspended in the steely strength of physics. Oh, that it could be without steel and combustion. Except then it would depend on me, wouldn't it? Think of the exhaustion of those poor birds migrating from North to South America. Or London and Ireland. With my sister and neices and other school mates and parents. Let me tell you--it's wonderful in a million ways you wouldn't expect. Please let it be that way for the birds as well (not pure instinct).

I have a bad habit of immitating the accent and speech of those around me. I sit wuith Kathy from MinnesOHta and in no time I am talking MinnesOHtan. Still haven't lost the yeahyeahyeah (said quietly as both agreement and as listening sounds) or calling water WAH TAH from the Kenya trip. Forgive me ahead of time for whatever embarassing twang I bring back from the Isles.

More on Kenya when I return two weeks hence.


Daniel and Cerissa said...

We're praying for Grammie...
Can't wait to hear more life-changing stories from Africa!

Craig and Bethany said...

Yes, yes, yes, us too! The kids keep trying to imagine how Europe can sort of be by Africa (also known as the the airport to Jack - hahaha) :)

And way cool pic.

Rose Emily said...

Love this photo! the color is outstanding!

Rose Emily said...

hahaha oh and I TOTALLY do the same thing with accents! I always feel like someone will think I'm mocking them..oh no! But I just cant help it..:)

Olson Family said...

{smile. empathetic nod.}

I look forward to reading more.