Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cheeto Fingers

Someone gives you some Cheetos. Soon that salty orange reside covers your hand. When my children were small someone prophesied over me saying that one of my children will be a preacher. I licked that salty residue off my fingers for years, now and then sticking my fingers back in my bag of memories and testing the truth of what was given me.

My sons are now grown, they are engineers. All three of them. My daughter married a children's pastor--who I have assumed to be the revelation of the words given me, all the more because I do consider him a son.

Until today. It's not that my daughters husband isn't a preacher or that I haven't heard my oldest son speak in church before now. Today was a moment of realizing I do not have to squeeze my world to make prophsey fit. If it is of God, it will be literally true.

So pop another Cheeto in your mouth and lick all the orange off your fingers. That was my oldest son Daniel preaching today.


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Craig and Bethany said...

I just love that image of the orange salty residue. Isn't God's word salty and orange like that? I've never heard prophecy and Cheetos joined at the hip, but I have a feeling I'll read the Old Testament more like a big bag of orange and salt now.