Sunday, August 9, 2009

Looking At the Sun

How do you explain sudden healing? It was a mere sermon illustration, a picture of Michelangelo's sculpture of David in all his nakedness.

Without warning a long held hurt—something about how the church views art and how the church treats artists—falls away. Not just OK, no more worries. A ragged wound miraculously smooth, as if it had been a stone turned in the tides for a lifetime. No rough corner or uneven edge, something I now want to hold in my hand and feel again and again. A marvel so rare.

This is not about forgiveness, it is about unexpected love, the extra moment of eye contact that brings you to your knees. Looking at the sun and not going blind.


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Craig and Bethany said...

Sort of took my breath away too. Makes ya want to stand shoulder to shoulder in completely loyalty. As different and devoted as kidneys and toes.