Saturday, August 1, 2009

Time Change

Time is change, nothing else.

Time is the endless possibility of change

and the crushing inability to remain the same.

Licking that Popsicle changes

a summer day. Changing the mind

is less visible, but more

monumental, shall we say

eternal? Lasting change,

what is that? God

does not change

because God is outside of time.

When belief and time vanish

will the fixed end of change

be I AM? I AM, is that

statement a Name

or a warning

that choice and change

are only temporary



Rose Emily said...

I needed to hear this today. Not sure why but I did. Thank you. I love you Susan...

deac-in-training said...

a name or a warning . . . temporary miracles . . . Wow! OK, fine. I'll write a poem. ;) Thanks for the inspiration.

Craig and Bethany said...

And the older we get the harder it is to change. The cement gradually cures. And like Moses watching God harden pharaoh's heart, we quietly become the perfect silhouette of who we've pretended to be.

Pig Woman said...

Well I have to tell you I find this whole concept highly disturbing! Are you telling me that we are headed into an eternity of no choice and no change??? Well I don't know how I am going to like that. No change....for eternity? Frankly, that is not sounding all that good to me, Seesta. I mean, doesn't anyone else find this ALARMING???

Quick! Somebody! Where are the descriptions of heaven in the Bible?!! I have to checkout what I am heading into because..... I am feeling quite "cured" in my "silhouette".

Goat said...

I'm just saying time as we know it stops when you die and that time is change. I am confident that that multiple dimensions of heaven that we cannot understand here have us covered for what could appear to be a lack. Perhaps we don't lose time but see the flip side of it--whatever that is. Beyond my wildest imagination, I expect.

Clearly we have to choose to believe (or not)before we die. That change only happens on this side of time.

Goat said...

PS Pig Woman--when you speak of being horrified that there is no choice or change for eternity, you are still talking in terms of time (eternity). Heaven and what happens after death are unspeakable because we cannot speak of it in terms of time.

Pig Woman said...

Ok. I can accept the multiple alternative dimensions concept. But you had me thinkin total "LIMBO" there for awhile, Seesta. I understand about "THEE" choice. The one on belief having to be now. But are you expanding that concept to choice in general because choice would imply an option of change, and change would imply the concept of time, and we don't have time in heaven. I have to say that that no choice, no change concept is still a bit troubling to my pea brain. (I mean you got no choices, you've no change. What have you got? You've got nuttin. snort) And does this all mean my concept of hell is all screwed up too because I always think of it in regards to eternity also. Where is hell anyway? Does it stay in the physical realm marked by time?

Goat said...

Have you read The Great Divorce by CS Lewis? It doesn't exactly address heaven not having any choices but it gives an interesting perspective on the choices we make. It's an allegory--

I'd be interested to know whachathink.

PS My take on hell is that it is a place without God (that may seem simplistic but it has devastating implications). Hell probably doesn't have time as we know it--but that's pure speculation, donchaknow, as is all of this.

Pig Woman said...

No, I haven't. Ya want to send me yours? Snort snort. Just kidding. What flavor are those Popsicles? They look really good.

I can't say that I am studied up on heaven or hell. The only thing I recall about heaven is mansions and streets of gold. (Which made me think God must like shiny stuff) And one of the reasons I asked about hell is that I got an email awhile back about people who believe they have found an opening to hell here on earth. They had a video and everything. (It was a fiery hole Seesta, FIERY! Snort) Seriously. Said hell was at the center of the earth and they believed they had scripture to back that up. Well, yes, I rolled my eyes, but then I thought, well, what DOES the Bible say about hell.

Pig Woman said...

Ok, I found the mansion reference in John. Apparently the KJV is a little misleading and the literal translation is more in the nature of "abode" and other translations use "dwelling places" or "rooms" instead of mansion. hmmm. Can't find the gold streets reference. Anyone???

Craig and Bethany said...

Revelation 21:18--actually all of chapt 21 but vs 18 specifically:
18 The wall was built of jasper, while the city was pure gold, clear as glass.

Gold that is transparent--we are talking different dimensions there...

That hell hole thing is bizzarro

Pig Woman said...
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Craig and Bethany said...

Oh, also in the Old Testament times gold and gemstones were idiomatic for different colored light.

Pig Woman said...
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