Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Religion and Politics

I've heard it said that if you mix religion and politics—
you get politics.
True? Why is that?


Craig and Bethany said...

I suppose so. Don't we all have an appetite for power and corruption? Politics, the soap opera version of religion.

Goat said...

Religion has had its share of power and corruption too. I just wonder why in a discussion of religion and politics that it doens't become a discussion of religion...

In separation of church and state our culture has tried to make state out to be better than church--one up on the ladder so to speak, because the state has "risen above" the need for religion as part of its tenants.

Craig and Bethany said...

Politics most often (at least these days) is the forum where you force your belief on others. It's explosive. High conflict, high interest. While politics may get more floor time, it doesn't necessarily have more influence. After all the shouting it's the quiet whisper that captures the heart.

What do the rest of you think?

Pig Woman said...

I think it doesn't become a discussion of religion because it is not politically correct to talk religion anymore. Might, ahem, offend someone who isn't of the same religion.

Craig and Bethany said...

Good point!

Any other takers?

Pig Woman said...

I keep trying to remember where that photo was taken. Do you remember, Goat?

Goat said...

Hahahaha somewhere in Germany.

Olson Family said...

The photo: My first thought was that it HAD to be somewhere in Europe!

Politics: {sigh} A subject which provokes feelings of ineptness.

Religion: The boys and I studied the Spanish Inquisition last week. And I've been pondering it ever since. I have more questions than opinions. The point was to make everyone the same religion -- then running the country would be so much more simple. Right?

I think it's true. The "you get politics." The Reformation and ensuing 30 Years War... The papacy had much to lose.

Where does one draw the distinction between religion and politics? Is there one?

I feel inept.