Thursday, December 17, 2009


Fire is the most magical thing I know.

Careful, it is hot. But you can run your finger through it without being burned.

Evanescent, it cannot be weighed or quantified except by where it has been and what it has used for fuel.

It gives blessed heat....

...yet burns and disfigures irreparably.

Even as it does so, fire is beauty embodied.

Deeply desired, fire is profoundly feared.

Did I say it is orange? And blue. Green. Red. Any color at all, depending...

What is it about a flame that makes us stare?


The Holy Spirit has been likened to fire.

Still we are no closer to knowing either one.


Craig and Bethany said...

So, do we want to be warmed or consumed? Or is it rather that fire transforms any worth fuel into heat. Guess I want to be heat!

Pig Woman said...

Pig woman likes this post! She likes Miss Bethany's comment too! Love you two.