Wednesday, May 13, 2009

16 Days in Kenya


At night I listen for trains,
the low moan of mercy
for those who forget
tracks run both ways.


Train tracks, roads, power lines, its all two way traffic. Oh you didn't know that about electricity? Alternating Current. AC. Back and forth it flows.

We are off to Kenya. To serve and be served. Giving that goes back and forth. Think of the possibilities. The voltage of faith. Oh my.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

The mountain carries
the water, carries
the boat, carries
the man who thinks
he navigates the world

Thank you God for carrying my mama, who carried me. I feel you there underneath it all.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rock Piles

Used to be that when someone heard from God, they made a memorial. Frequently they were rocks piled one on another. These monuments were unmistakably man-made. But the proper question for the sojourner who happened upon them was—what has God done here?

This is my rock memorial to God for reminding me that my first move should be kindness. You see, I did an unkind thing, thinking it would be funny. Turns out that being unkind is just being unkind.

Please forgive me, Craig.

PS This doesn’t mean that I am giving up on plotting good jokes, oh no, by no means….


So much of humor is unkind. What is humor?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

You haven’t forgotten yet have you? April first. Day of Fools. The beginning of the National Poetry Month. Surely you remember the assignment over the last month—a haiku a day. With a minimum of instructions, participants were invited to leave haikus in the “thoughts” each day.

As I hoped, lots of people gave it a try. Some I knew, some I didn’t. Some got the concept a bit better than others. And improved significantly. One of these was someone named EP Hemingweigh.

EP asked for help. Many of us answered, trying to reword things so he could understand, well, some of us anyway didn’t use the word anthropomorphic…

Then halfway through the month EP pulls all his comments and retreats. Remember? Oh geeze. Sure didn’t mean to make him do that. Through prayer and careful petition, we urged him back onto the blog.

But then two or three days later, maybe a week, he starts getting a little lippy—I told Pig Woman—a lil skitzo if you ask me. She'd thought he was getting scary and called to warn me.

May I introduce you to EP Hemingweigh. Here is a man who likes to be in the Funny Box. Like no other, this man communicates through what he perceives as humor. Being the younger brother of another such humorist has equipped this man with the finely honed skill of an under-dog—the annoying little brother who not only can beat you at your own game, but who can run faster than you when found out.

My son in law.

Who is still laughing.

And has taught my daughter his tricks. (Yes, she was in on it the whole time.)

Who kept this going a WHOLE MONTH, not to mention more than one of us was praying for EP etc…

All I can say is PAYBACK.

PS EP aka Earl Parks aka Craig played a joke on my husband a few years back by pretending to be the former tenant of a house on the coast we were renting. By calling him surreptitiously, he got my husband to dig in the couch for the hemorrhoid medicine that Earl claimed to have left behind. Which we did get on video.

Need I remind you that payback can come from any of us, at any time, in any form—might even want to enlist that brother mentioned above. Go go go !