Monday, April 5, 2010

Green Flash

I've never seen the green flash. It's a sunset phenomenon wherein just after the sun slips below the horizon there is a flash of brilliant green. 

And I must tell you that if someone said they had seen it, well, it would be suspect. It is just a flash afterall. Anyone could say they saw it and the world would be no different. 

But still I wonder: is this instantaneous burst of color real--or is it just wishful thinking? 

I tend to believe slow things. Rocks flattened by glaciers and Saviors that take three days to rise. 

And yet there I am at sunset and staring through slow minutes...hoping.  

Crane: midstream stock still

Scanning eons urgent surge

Green flash flips a tail



Craig and Bethany said...

LOVE it.

Slow things give us a chance to get used to an idea. They let us try it out, see how it will affect us, the slow conversion, the gentle steps off the beaten path.

scottnicks said...

slow allows time to calculate the risks. waiting allows energy to be stored (that's how I roll..haha).
But there is something to be said for witnessing the exact moment when two or more things interact in a flash. What would have been like to witness the exact moment when a severed ear was supernaturally reattached? What if you blinked or coughed and missed it?
Maybe we just need to see slowly...

Tattoo Girl said...

Moon Poem 5


Hovering grey brume
Through clouds Sun unfolds Her fist.
An efflorescence.

Goat said...

A fist! Yes, just the right kind of power.