Tuesday, August 7, 2012


A bow of respect to Alex & Brett Harris who wrote a book called

Let’s get to it: our culture teaches us to AVOID hard things.  Not out rightly, of course. We have the means to make life Fun, Easy and Entertaining (FEE).  It’s a no-brainer. Lemons to lemonade—DOING HARD THINGS has been overcome. No lack of creativity here in America.

Teachers pay the FEE.

Parents too.

And we whine and beg and cry to God to take it away when life gets hard.

Still, I wonder why survivors have miraculous and lasting strength.

Our culture is the most safety conscious society that has ever existed. Does that make us smart? Or just afraid. Very afraid.

Why are people who DO HARD THINGS not afraid? They seem to suck on bare bones, the marrow of faith, with chipped and broken teeth and...and...and... 

... are rewarded. More than I can say.

I want to be known as someone who DOES HARD THINGS.

Stay tuned for more: DO HARD THINGS.
(Experience, the great teacher)



Brian Miller said...

nice...i want to be known as well for doing the hard things....good to see you!

Craig and Bethany said...

Reminds me of something Noel Piper said about marriage: The first twenty-five years are the hardest; the years that come after that are the best.

It seems we've set our sights awfully low when it comes to rewards.